A long tail of 100,000 copies

Internet has drastically changed the digital world

She writes about ‘fantasy for urban young people’ and she doesn’t even have a publishing house behind. At the age of 26, Amanda Hocking sells 100,000 copies monthly, she fixes their price and designs them and she gets 70 % of the turnover.

This information, taken from some weeks ago, may sound as science fiction for the great majority of writers from the ‘paper’ time who are used to negotiating harshly with publishing houses, which are the owners of a big part of decision-making, and obviously, of dividends. Internet has drastically changed the digital, intrinsic, world as well as the production and flow of ‘life-long’ material assets. This social evolution that is so simple and complex has been described by Chris Anderson in its well-known ‘long tail’. Amanda’s formula to draw this ‘long tail’ of clients has two components: Niche: novel about vampires + mass distribution through Internet exclusively. It is an example of one of the challenges that publishing houses face today; on the one hand, the massive appearance of new supports (e-books + e-readers) and on the other hand, the desktop publishing and self-distribution phenomenon that allows any person to see its dream of publishing a book come true. Probably not all companies will be able to ‘turn this page’ and, at the same time, we are witnessing the emergence of new publishing houses which compete with skilful players of this new league.

A fish bowl with a lot of fish

In the publishing world, we find companies like Bubok, which is leader in the Spanish market field (the client with which we have collaborated to franchise the business model) and has revolutionized the traditional market causing this industry’s value chain to switch the plane, migrating to new values such as the democratization of works with a reduced impact (the author has the role of publisher, etc.). Its platform makes it possible for anybody to fulfil his/her dream of publishing his/her own book with the additional advantage of having more selling possibilities as the author’s own advertising capacity increases. The author is the member of the chain and he/she gets a higher benefit according to his/her sales. By way of a metaphor, Bubok is a fish bowl with a lot of fish, publishing houses often catch relevant authors in this fish bowl and they are launched to the sea.




Jordi Casas

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