The enterprise mysticism of Silicone Valley

At the end of the 60’s, a movement started to look India as a humanity spiritual referral; motivated people wanted to give a sense to their existence, in search of importance or simply moved by the fashion and “disillusioned of the local solutions”, travelled to India to infuse themselves with a searching atmosphere.

Since thes migratory movements began, India started to “export” products in the form of gurús, saints, philosophies, therapies, aesthetic, publications, music, etc. an endless number of products and services oriented to make our life total and with sense.

As time goes by, it discriminates what is authentic and with sense from what is not. In India it is possible to go on living in a mystic atmosphere on a natural and contextualised way, outside India, some of the exported “products”, those that really added value have survived and have been settled in our habits and daily life. We see some others with certain irony, as passing fashion fruits.

I’m forced to make a parallelism of this phenomenon with what is happening today in the enterprise innovation world; in the same way that the Indian mysticism did it in the 60’s, innovation has strongly and powerfully bursted into the business world; its India is Silicon Valley, that similarly exports products to the rest of the world in the form of innovation gurús, philosophies, life styles, methods, publications, etc. all these strongly impelled by great propaganda and diffusion tools.

You are nobody in the innovation world, if you haven’t been at the Silicon Valley, if you haven’t drunk from its wisdom sources, haven’t imitated its codes and their language, if professors haven’t been invited, if their books haven’t been read and their videos visioned. As faithful saint’s followers, we follow his directives and treaties, we apply them to our companies and we grant credit to anyone who arrived from the valley. We do not question its quality nor its suitability towards the urgent problems, we simply adopt it and use it.

We look for the solution we do not have and that our surroundings cannot give us; we stop seeing what we really have to explode and export, what it is ours and makes us unique, our real and differential value, impossible to be seen and developed with tools little adapted to our surroundings.

But that is it then that catches us and excites of the Silicone Valley?, What has it in common with the India of the 60’s?: It gives answer to something we need and we did not find. We know the problem, its necessity but we do not have answers; we let ourselves drag by the fashion in search of solutions to our productive and enterprising inapplicability. We embrace the “golden” of the silicon as any distant religion that promises happiness and enterprise eternal life to us.

It matters little that their directives are not adapted to the problems and circumstances of our surroundings, that “to lower them to the land” is in many cases inoperative, out of scale and expensive.

It is urgent an exercise and analysis of what we import to apply to our companies’ problems; we must discriminate, from the strangeness, what gives value to us and what is adapted to our surroundings; if we do not do this, we run the risk of working in a different direction from the one we should and of losing part of our competitive advantages.

Perhaps within months, some will be jumping to the sound of a drum, with a shaved head and orange dresses.




Jordi Casas

In Loop we work to make more understandable the digital world, modeling business. We believe that it is a channel for our customers business growing, and we try to make it productive.

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