Como influye la tecnología en las personas?

Innovación y Tecnología

A vision from the innovation activity

In many cases we speak of technology and innovation as if they were the same thing. In a few cases we discriminate one from the other and we see technology as a consequence of the efforts made in I+D and innovation as the puesta en valor de dicha tecnologia in value of this technology. In this case, the ceramic materials would be the fruit of the investigation in new materials, the extreme applications in the surgical areas or in the interior of our houses would be the putting in value of the same. el interiorismo de nuestras casas sería la puesta en valor de los mismos.

I would like to add in this writing a vision from the innovation point of view on technology and the consequences (positive and negative) at the time of being accepted by people in innovation models. Here are 6 developed visions that try to clarify their value.

1-As human beings, we have few new needs

-Humanity/society, has few new needs, what it has are new forms or ways to satisfy these needs. Technology is an evolution motor of these ways. Human beings incorporate very few basic needs to our life; since the beginning we have the necessity of food, to protect each other, to communicate between us, to procreate, to find a cure, to discover new territories, etc. Technology does not very often discover new needs, it contributes with new forms to satisfy the existing needs.

2-Technology is not an end, it is a way

-New technologies are not an end, they are a way to facilitate, to optimize or to achieve other objectives. Technology by technology gives little value and it does for a reduced and ephemeral group of people; however, technology contributes with an important factor of efficiency and optimization to our tasks and habitual needs; in this way a person that has lost one leg, and is implanted with a bionic implant, can obtain better results in the athletic competition than a 100% healthy person.

3-Technology as an aim, leads us to inflation

-Technology by technology does not make sense; it creates inflation models or “bubbles”; ex: Internet by Internet has created the 90 ′ s technological bubble; the generated expectations, overcame the real applications; only until the appearance of the Web 2.0 concepts, we give these technologies (non technological) value of use.

The attraction that humans have by new and strange things, causes that, in many cases, we give technology a higher value and start little efficient value “races” for the use that objects or services are conceived; in this way we can add locations by GPS to a baby car, quality air sensors for the baby, humidity level sensors, etc., only those new contributions that concentrate in the real value of a baby car that “moves the baby safely” will have sense and last in time.

4-Technological is not natural

-New technology generates resistance; new technologies’ entrance in human (social) habits must overcome the concept of “maximum minimums”, that is to say: the majority of new technologies are replacing solutions that we already have by means of other habits or technologies, for new technologies to succed and being implanted, they must add a substantial advantage on the existing usual habit to the present time. For ex. Necessity to communicate at a distance: Internet technologies, for obvious reasons, contributed a substantial improvement in the communication as of the postal mail. The necessity (to communicate) was already fulfilled, Internet adds substantial advantages on the existing solution model.

5-Technology contributes to the species evolution

-New technology elevates us as human beings; new technologies, in being more efficient, tend to turn us into “super men”, achieving real competitive advantages; reducing distances, increasing our time efficiency, making us more productive, increasing our leisure and learning capacity, etc. For this reason, technologically advanced societies are superiors (even militarily) as to the rest (at least in the concept of present society).

6-Technology produces “evolutionary cuts”

-New technologies are producing a cut in “the evolution of the human species”; nowadays, the new technology factor is one of the elements that evolve our species, as well as the fire technology, the metals, etc, they all made the human evolved and they placed it over the rest of the species. Today, new technologies are producing evolutionary cuts even inside of our own human species, we spoke of “generational cuts” in the introduction of the Internet tools, etc.





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