The enterprise mysticism of Silicone Valley

22 Jul 11 icoBusiness Models

At the end of the 60’s, a movement started to look India as a humanity spiritual referral; motivated people wanted to give a sense to their existence, in search of importance or simply moved by the fashion and “disillusioned of the local solutions”, travelled to India to infuse themselves with a searching atmosphere. Since thes migratory movements began, India started...

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A long tail of 100,000 copies

14 Apr 11 icoBusiness Models

She writes about ‘fantasy for urban young people’ and she doesn’t even have a publishing house behind. At the age of 26, Amanda Hocking sells 100,000 copies monthly, she fixes their price and designs them and she gets 70 % of the turnover. This information, taken from some weeks ago, may sound as science fiction for the great majority of...

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Apple: The lord and master of digital convergence

7 Mar 11 icoBusiness Models

In the nine-month period in 2010 during which the iPad was marketed, Apple achieved sales of more than 15 millions of items at an average price of € 600. In this month of March, Apple announces the launching of the iPad2: thinner, lighter, more powerful, faster… and with more than 65,000 specific applications ready to be used.

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Jordi Casas

In Loop we work to make more understandable the digital world, modeling business. We believe that it is a channel for our customers business growing, and we try to make it productive.

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